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Under canvas

A unique and exclusive use pop up bush camp experience designed for complete privacy and immersion in nature.  Appreciate the beauty of this landscape through long distance adventures on foot or on horseback. For thrill seekers, use it as a launch pad for bespoke helicopter adventures to North Kenya and beyond. This camp seasonal and mobilised for one group at a time.



Relax in four light and spacious bedroom tents designed with a natural, organic aesthetic to maximise comfort and serenity.  We let the bush to speak for itself, with Nature providing that element of luxury that no person can offer.



Savour organic food grown from our Lodge garden using eco-friendly methods and enjoy innovative, hearty menus that celebrate our climate and culinary heritage. Each meal is prepared in a bush kitchen, cooked in cast iron pans and over open fires.

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A jewel in the heart of Laikipia.  El Karama Wild is the perfect satellite base or combo stay with El Karama Lodge, from which to explore this 15,000 acres of diverse landscapes and wildlife and much more beyond.   Whether on foot, by car, on horses or by helicopter, your days will be filled with unforgettable experiences, led by guides who have grown up here and who know the landscape intimately.  Awaken your senses and get out of your comfort zone, or just simply give yourself time to absorb the magic of this environment.

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Explore the wonders of this ecosystem at your own pace.  Whether it's the whole day or just a few hours, take the opportunity to slow down and immerse yourself in the rhythm of this landscape. Connect with and learn about the geology, botany and ornithology of El Karama with our expert guides.

Adventure and a new perspective. Team up with horses and ride out every day experiencing this incredible landscape on horseback.  The thrill and contentment that comes with full days outdoors on horseback and evenings spent under the stars.  Adventure, immersion and connection.  
Heli Trips

The ultimate luxury safari experience.  Cover some ground and explore the amazing scenery of this country by helicopter, stopping at hidden waterholes for a swim, reaching the top of remote pinnacles just in time for a coffee or visit an inspiring community-owned elephant sanctuary where you can see conservation stories in action.
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