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Created by Sophie and Murray Grant and their dedicated team, El Karama Wild is an exclusive use, under canvas bush camp aimed at small groups seeking a deeper level of immersion in nature. Whether a stand alone camp or a private extension to an El Karama Lodge stay, this camp is unique and versatile.


Designed for one group only at a time, guests have their own game drive vehicle on hand, an expert walking guide to host them and access to add ons like bush savvy horses for riding excursions  and helicopters for day trips further afield. 


This experience is about privacy and simplicity on safari. You have total freedom to curate how you spend your day. The Ideal length of stay? 2-3 nights.  You can also combine El Karama Wild with our Lodge and experience our 6 night El Karama Safari Adventure Immersion.

Hosted by a small team of kind and experienced camp staff and led by a resident guide, this camp can will feel like home.

All safari stays at El Karama Wild and El Karama Lodge contribute directly to conservation on El Karama Wildlife Conservancy through conservation fees.